Why cropcirclesoftheeyes?

Why I chose www.cropcirclesoftheeyes.com.au as my web site name

The website evolved as a result of my realization that the etheric patterns seen by Val, hovering over and entering the iris of the eyes, was having an effect on the five layers of the iris, and the way that the body healed itself. One of the theories about how the crop circles are formed, is an energy field hovers over the grain. It creates the pattern in the grain, and alters its structure, similar to the way that the etheric iridology patterns alter the fibers of the eyes and the body.

The iris of the eye is made of fibers that radiate from the pupil to the outer edge of the iris. The fibers extend down through the five layers of the iris.[1] The five layers are a record of a person’s state of health from healthy, through acute, sub acute, chronic to a degenerative state. When a person is healthy, the fibers lay against each other in alignment, showing no gaps between them.

When dis-ease affects the body, the fibers of the iris separate, or a mark appears over the area of the body that is experiencing stress. The diagram below shows how the gap between the fibers widens and deepens through each layer as the dis-ease moves from acute through to the degenerative state.

Illness:  The depth of the gaps between the layers indicates the degree of ill health. The gaps open from the top layer, and move down through the layers.

Layers of the iris
Healing: The healing process begins at the bottom layer and works back up through the layers, using white web like fibers to stitch the eye fibers together.

The healing lesions are sometimes open at one end, at other times closed in the shape of a leaf. Disease affects you from the outside in. You heal from the inside out.

Between 1999 and 2003 the patterns hovered over the surface of the iris affecting the organs and glands of the body.

Between 2003 and 2008 the etheric patterns began to breach the surface of the iris until they broke through to the degenerative layer, which is the layer that holds the record of the death marker in the DNA.

See – Iridology: Eye changes 1999 to 2013

Below are images of the etheric iridology observed by Val in 2000. They show some of the stages of the development of a new circulatory system of light that formed in zones 6 and 7 of the iris. There are many other patterns and sequences which were seen by Val over the last fourteen years.

2000 Iridology The iridology images show where the light forces and patterns impacted the body, as seen in sequences one and two of the movie, The Science of Inner Change.

Val and I would like to make contact with those of you who use iridology as part of your Naturopathy practice. We have accumulated data of the “etheric iridology” process over fourteen years, and would like to share and compare information.

We would love to hear from anyone who has seen similar images through their iridology scope. Please contact us at the website, Crop Circles of the Eyes.


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[1] Jensen, B. Dr. & Bodeen, D. V. Dr, Understanding iridology, Health Harmony, New Delhi. pp 68