Our Purpose

Val and I would like to make contact with practitioners that use iridology, and anyone else, who are seeing  etheric patterns of colour, light and shape, hovering over and entering the iris of the eyes.

We would like to share and compare information from the data accumulated over fourteen years, of the process of “etheric iridology”, on which the video, The Science of Inner Change is based.

2000 Lumi

The Lumi figures above show where the light forces and patterns impacted the body. You can see this in sequences one and two of the movie we created to show how light enters the body and changes it.  We named the movie, The Science of Inner Change.

We would love to hear from anyone who has seen similar images through their iridology scope. Please contact us at the websites, Crop circles of the eyes, or Innerspin.

In love, light, fun and laughter,

The Scribe

Marion Chitty

The Scribe