My History with Val


Thirty years ago, I decided to explore alternative medicine as a way of dealing with the chronic pain I had been experiencing for many years. A friend suggested that I make an appointment with the Naturopath, Val Allen. Val saw the cause of my chronic pain through her iridology scope, and began a program of relief and healing that covered many alternative modalities.

In the mid 1980′s Val began to see etheric patterns and colours appear over the iris of my eyes, which entered my body creating changes to the tissues. What she saw differed from the tenets of standard iridology. So I began to seriously record what she was seeing, in relation to what I knew about esoteric healing, and its effect on my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. That was the beginning of a long and fascinating relationship which continues today.

Val is the visionary Val with client

I am a visionary and the scribeScribe Lumi

When I began to use massage, acupuncture, reflexology and iridology with Val and her associates, they discovered that I had five vertebras out of alignment along the length of my spine. A series of gentle adjustments and massage over several months released years of pain from my body, and so began the long and slow process of healing and rebuilding myself.

What impressed me most about the alternative medical practitioners was the time they spent listening. Nothing was irrelevant. We were a team working together to get to the root of the problem. I was staggered by the amount of information Val was able to tell me about my body and emotions by looking at the iris of my eyes through her iridology scope. She picked up past procedures, symptoms, and pains I had not mentioned. We have been a team since 1982. She is a wonderful Naturopath, and continues to monitor me until this day.

While I worked with Val, I also drew the light of spirit through my body every day, to heal myself. I could “see” in my mind’s eye, the play of energy and the patterns it created as it flowed through my body. In the mid 1980′s Val also began to see the energies and the colours that flowed into my eyes.

During the etheric pattern changes I experienced curious feelings in my body which I had never had before. I had headaches that moved from one part of my head to another. When I adjusted the head chakras, they would disappear. My brain felt hot, and I felt heat radiating from about 20 centimeters above my head.  My body would zing for days after experiencing power surges through it. In the early days there was a united nation of voices, which I brought under control by creating a boardroom in my heart chakra, so that everyone had a voice.

My bones felt cold from the inside like a toothache. At times it felt like my atoms wanted to shatter, and that I was holding myself together at the atomic level using only my will. The atoms separated to move into a new alignment. Sometimes I could not feel my heart beat, at other times it would flutter and jump. I had blurry vision and eye fibre changes, broken sleep patterns, memory loss, and gains in mental acuity, and the pain that accompanies regeneration of the body. The sensations always occurred just before a feeling of total alignment in my body and a period of great stability.

When I told others, who were raising their vibration on the journey of their soul, about what was happening to me; I found that many of them were experiencing similar symptoms. I sent many of those people to Val. They became a core Group Soul, in the eyes of whom Val continues to see the patterns that produce healing and regeneration as a by product of frequency change. There were many other symptoms associated with regeneration stimulated by frequency change.

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I was fascinated by both the similarities and the differences in the standard iridology tenets and the new iridology that Val was seeing. I studied the theory of iridology for about 4 months, so that I could understand and record what was so different about what she was seeing.

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The movie and the iridology images are a record of my healing process, and the vibrational steps I have taken on my spiritual and healing journey. On the way I learned that true healing of the biology cannot take place without the involvement of my spirit.

When medical practitioners do not invite the spirit of the person along as a member of the healing team, they leave out a very important element. Val and her team welcome the spirit, because they realize that we are all the masters of our own healing. Everything else is facilitation. I continue to use both allopathic and naturopathic medicine when it is needed.