My history with Helen

HelenHelen McCarthy met Marion in 2001, two months before her cancer diagnosis. Val Allen who expertly supports people with chronic and degenerative disease conditions, agreed to treat Helen, after an introduction from Marion.

Helen became the seventh person to present with these light patterns over the eye. Her story of recovery from metastatic cancer is told on this site through the iridology images of The Science of Inner Change.

Val Allen saw these patterns in a group of 58 people, who came to meet or know of each through Marion, who wrote and explained the steps of their Inner Change to them. Val occasionally mentioned that others had come in presenting with the same light patterns which she saw in the small group of 58.

In 2012 every client who sat before Val held the light patterns. The whole population in Perth who entered the clinic for Naturopathic support had begun to exhibit the same patterns as the group of 58.

It was time to share the information to a wider audience through an animation. So Marion and Helen went in search of someone who would make a movie of this process, as images are more powerful than words.

They found Mitch Black. A talented animator, Mitch has made the movie of the inner changes that are now occurring worldwide.

Helen’s story is documented on her website