About Marion

Marion Chitty is an avid reader of the work of Alice A Bailey, who wrote what she called ‘Ageless Wisdom’, under the guidance of a Tibetan master known as Djwal Khul or D. K. Bailey’s 25 volumes were written between 1919 and 1949.

Marion happened to be the first person in Perth (Australia) who began to exhibit changes in both the iris of the eye, and the fabric of the eye. The iridology text books refute the possibility of the fabric of the eye changing. It is considered be a fixed state. Something unusual was occurring here.

In the mid 1990’s Val began to see in Marion’s eyes, changes of a kind she was not observing in anyone else’s eyes at that time. As the changes escalated in 1999, Val started to draw what she was saw, which differed from standard iridology. Marion transferred those drawings, which Val saw as patterns hovering over the iris, onto the figure she called Lumi Morphis.

Lumi is the shortened name for your ‘Metamorphosis into your Luminous body’. Marion realised that this was what the iridology was recording. She began to seriously record the patterns Val was describing and drawing, every six weeks. Her Lumi images on the following pages show the sequences or programs, which we downloaded as we changed the cellular structure of our bodies from within.

Marion describes her art work as naïve. She widened Lumi wide to accommodate the vortices, pulses and program changes of the past fourteen years. Like Lumi, we widened too! Since that time she has observed and recorded those changes in her own eyes, and in the eyes of 58 others.

Marion’s guides gave her pieces of information which cross referenced to her considerable library of esoteric books. She found exact matches, written years ago, predicting this change in human evolution, which we are calling the Science of Inner Change.

Marion’s study contains fourteen years of documentary data showing this process in more than 500 people. The numbers grew when Sandy Youssef, a gifted clairvoyant, began to draw what she called Spirit Vision Drawings. Her drawings dove tailed into the evolving light images that Val was seeing through her Iridology Scope.

The collective intent of the individuals in the spiritual community of Perth was to communicate with their biology and their higher Soul Self. This was a conscious intent. Each one chose to add their consciousness to the whole. That intent created the singular energy of a Group Soul.

A Group Soul is created when many people join their consciousness together to manifest a single purpose. Many Group Soul’s are now doing this worldwide. The Perth Group Soul’s focus was to increase their vibration through the recognition of the sacredness of their biology, and their Soul’s purpose.

Marion’s recording of the phenomena of her Soul’s effect on her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, intensified in 1999. As Val drew the etheric iridology over the standard iridology of the eye, Marion began to speak about it, introducing others to the concept.