Fiber changes 2013, Iridology Updates

Iridology November 2013

2013 – The year of  alchemy and the human crucible

The eye fibers are as they were in the last iridology session.The 240,000 clockwise spin speed was maintained while the movement of light through the body changed dramatically to facilitate the creation of a new nervous system. The number 2 vibration held the opposing creative forces in balance while 4 established the foundation of your new physical (6) nervous system.Marion's Lumi November 2013

The crucible format connection to the Earth became solid and strong through the crust and mantle of the planet. Your combined light bodies have created a probe deep into the Earth to draw up the elements from the crust and mantle needed to build and activate the physical components of the new nervous system. Your connection to the Earth through the crust and the mantle is sparking the nervous system into activity.

The personal probe is also assisting the retrieval the pieces of soul that were shattered and lost during the soul trauma experienced through millennia of reincarnation events. Those pieces of self are bubbling to the surface to make you whole.

The 8 faceted crystal structure is open to earth and universe and capable of holding the full light of the various levels of the Christ vibration, which are the engine of the evolutionary process. Its grounding energy requires that the lower earth chakra areas are open so that your energy can merge with Earth’s gravitational field, and with the crystalline structures of the Earth’s crust and mantle that are needed for regeneration and soul wholeness.

The Chalice format of the Crucible indicates that the Goddess energy of the quantum universe has at this time, combined with the eight sided crystal energy, to build the upgraded version of the nervous system. The combined energy has changed the format of the blood circulatory system and nervous system. It has increased the number of energy channels of the etheric body, and rerouted the channels to align them with the multiple spin points on the skin to support the materialization of the new, physical nervous system.

The prana of the nervous system and of the blood stream can only be upgraded after an upgrade in the prana of the circulatory system of light of the meridian system. The diagram below shows the relationship between the soul/electrical/nervous system, the spirit/etheric/ meridian system and the matter/blood/circulatory system. The etheric web of the meridian system is the spiritual interface between the nervous system and the blood stream, all of which carry different types of the life force-prana to the various areas of the body. When the three systems are aligned and functioning, the immune system works at its optimum rate.Soul Spirit Matter Many different types of prana were used to create the trinity web of the new etheric blueprint in 2008. (See frames 450 to 454 of the movie The Science of Inner Change)

 Lumi Nov 2013

 Weaving the new etheric web of light February to August 2008

The Lumi images above show the arrows of light of the different types of prana, from the Earth and the universe, surrounding and bombarding the body. The prana was used to supply the etheric material needed to create the new etheric web of the underlying blueprint of the body. The web was woven with the conscious intent and cooperation of the human soul. The underlying etheric blueprint is changed before any changes to the physical systems can occur, because it is the blueprint for change. In 2008, the new web breached all five layers of the iris indicating that the record of the health status of the individual for that life time was reprogrammed by the new web structure.

Change to a physical system after the new web was woven was observed in Helen McCarthy’s iridology image in 2009. It shows how her compromised nervous system responded to the vitality and the flow of the increased levels of life force-prana, moved along the increased number of meridians that had been woven from the spin points on her skin to her spine. The Lumi images below show how the new level of light moving from the spin points to her spine, upgraded and stabilized her nervous system after she had woven the strings of her new etheric web.

 Pranic Regeneration 2009

The pranic regeneration of a compromised nervous system July to November 2009

Lumi 2011The Lumi images also show how the flow of Prana from the spin points to the spine assisted in the creation of the column of light which became the axis of white light from which all the pranic strings of colour are drawn and sent out to the various areas of the body at that time. The column of light gradually widened until, in 2011 at the 144,000 vibration, it enclosed the whole body, including the spin points, in a Pillar of Light.

The 2011 iridology and Lumi images show the Earth and universal prana being spun to the areas of the body via the Pillar of Light. Val saw that the spine responded to the new note of the 144,000 vibration. The communication between the spine and the spin points via the etheric web was very active in the diamond area of the heart-thymus as its spin settled into the 144,000 speed. There was no stress registration on the nervous system even though the heart, lungs, thymus, pituitary and 3rd eye bore the brunt of the changes to the higher vibration, and to the lowered life force that created an opportunity to leave the planet.  At is iridology session it showed that the life force was up from 1/3rd to 2/3rd vitality as the body settled into the 144,000 vibration of Nirvana.

Iridology & Lumi Pillar of Light images at the 144,000 vibration in 2011

What we are seeing here, and in the consequent iridology images is an example of the spinal and spin point notes being played as the planetary and universal prana impact the body the spin points at each new vibration. The different colored strings of prana are spun out from the white, crystalline Pillar of Light to the chakra areas to support the organs, glands and tissues that need them for growth and regeneration. We do not see the stimulation of the spin points, but feel them as extreme sensitivity in the form of rashes, skin dryness, tingling sensations and the feeling of sunburn all over the body. Rebecca's drawing

The discomfort associated with the building of the new nervous system is being alleviated by the combined light work of Jacinta Shilling and Rebecca Dawson through Integrative Acupuncture.

The activation of the new nervous system and the flow of light through the body are also seen etherically by Rebecca. Rebecca assists Jacinta in aligning acupuncture needles with the spin points to the increased threads of the etheric structure of the body.

Rebecca’s drawings also show the movement of light-energy out along the nervous system, from the spine to the spin points to activate regeneration in the areas that need it.

Together, Rebecca and Jacinta facilitate the unlocking and clearing of the energy blockages that would prevent the free flow of information through the new etheric and nervous systems.

Colour distribution of prana from the Pillar of Light & spin points to areas of the body

 Color Distribution of Prana

 The pranic threads give life force to the etheric body and to the systems they support as they release their charge in the area to which they are dispatched. The different colored threads respond to the tonal quality of the spinal discs, the nerves, and the organs. The spin points sound their note which is carried along the strands of the etheric web to the spine. The spine and nervous system respond to the note which stimulates the stem cells to differentiate to the pattern of the tissues that need them. The stem cells travel, via the blood stream, to the various areas of the body.  Marion's Lumi November 2013 lgeWhen all three systems of light-prana are aligned and functioning at their optimum rate it creates a continuous loop of regeneration.

The current iridology image shows sparks of prana “bubbling” up through the mantle and crust of the Earth through the stem of the crucible.

The sparks have triggered the eight faceted crystalline sheaths around the body on the macro level, and the DNA on the micro level, to unlock, transmit and electrify new levels of information and energy through the newly developing nervous system.

Standard Iridology

The new nervous system “electrical impulses within crucible energy are moving from Earth’s mantle. Bubbles of light are surfacing to the upper body creating electrical impulses. All surface tissue is fragile at nerve endings throughout body. The activation is symmetrical. Val is seeing that there has been a complete shift in the electrical impulses of the nervous system. The electrical circuitry of the nervous system has completely changed. The nerve tissues are reconfiguring into something new. She is seeing changes in the nerve endings which are affecting the skin, eye tissue and all of the capillaries in the body. The mouth, throat and all inner and outer tissue surfaces have all been reactive. The electrical impulses are generated from Earth through the stem and saucer of the crucible. The impulses from the stem are creating sporadic fireworks in the upper areas of the body to the eyes.

The feeling of internal fragility and the stripping of all the linings of the body was associated with the fragile nervous response, sensibility, and new sensitivity in the whole body as the synaptic response realigned to the new system.

The immune system is good. The vitality level dropped to ½ and has now returned to normal. Your work as the energy probe retrieving lost soul pieces and the subsequent bout of flue stressed your immune system and depleted your vitality to half. It has now returned to normal.

The Perth soul group’s current profound connection to the crystalline grid of the earth’s crust and mantle through their eight faceted grid system has enabled them to carry more of their light potential through their nervous, meridian and blood systems, as the three aspects of self work as one to upgrade those systems of the body. We saw the etheric web upgraded in 2008 and the response to a compromised nervous system to it in 2009. In 2013 we are seeing the upgrade of the total nervous system to carry the higher vibratory elements of Earth and universal prana. The DNA’s response to the light flow is to code the stem cells to the higher vibratory rate of the new systems and to send them to the specific parts of the body that need them.

In this iridology you activated the following esoteric principles       

You maintained the 240,000 spin speed to create change to the physical elements of your nervous system and blood stream through the expanded capacity of your meridian system.

You are creating a new synaptic response to light information to stimulate regeneration.

You created a probe through the Earth’s crust and mantle and to draw the pranic elements of the quantum, physical universe to build your new nervous system.

In the process you retrieved your lost soul sparks from the planet to make you whole.

This iridology image shows the movement of the various grades of light through the various systems of the body to regenerate it.

The symptoms of this activation were as follows:

My symptoms

* Tired the whole 12 weeks

* Liquid wax ears for all 12 weeks

* Knee ok with occasional days of discomfort.

* A full body hum for whole 12 weeks.

* Very, very high ring for whole of 12 weeks. It changed in pitch on the 13th August and the 29th     August 2013. (To bring in note of new nervous system)

* Diarrhoea 23rd August 2013 (body flush)

* Dry eyes, weird eye sight whole time. (Third eye activity)

* Stiff neck and chill in shoulders from 14th August to 17th September 2013 (Throat and heart     chakra area activation)

* No power and broken gas line 15th September. (Change to flow systems of the body – new       nervous system activation)

* Saw a black snow storm over the webs that I see as the configuration changed on 16th               September 2013. (Change over of codes for new nervous system)

* Sore throat 13th August and 12th October to 8th November 2013 (Careful of speech as a form     of creativity)

* Hormonal from 20th to 21st September 2013 (Quantum universe actively creative physically     through the chalice/crucible)

* Aching joints from 28th August to 17th September 2013. (A physical response to the laying       down of the new nervous system)

* Tingling and singing in the cells and atoms on 21st August and on the 7th September after         lightening storm.(Harbinger of change to electrical system of body)

* Knife in the back feeling from 22nd to 29th September 2013 (Blending the solar plexus power consciousness of countries in Europe with heart consciousness to enable it to accept the new grid and vibration and to make for easier soul retrieval.)

* Chest and coughing -14th October to 6th November 2013 (virus used to embed change)

* Headaches and head 29th August and 11th October to 25th October 2013. (Virus used to embed change)

* Gluey and sandy eyes 6th to 12th November 2013. (Third eye activation)

* Dry and itchy skin peeling several layers deep 20th October to 9th November 2013.                 (Reconfigure of spin points to new nervous system)

* Gastric reflux 18th August and the 22nd to 29th September (Heart/ solar plexus blend of power   and love at new level)

* Cut top off finger on 30th October with restricted use until 10th November 2013.(Spiritual       circuit in hands broken to facilitate download of new nervous system)

* Travelled in Europe between 20th September and the 22nd October 2013. Lady Averill travelled and worked with me through Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Her energy flowed freely.

* Fell in front of tram and hurt right shoulder. Wet and shocked. Sore side and shoulder from the 24th to 29th September 2013. (Right side activation of spiritual nervous system)

* Body seized up, cold and shivery, ears blocked 11th October 2013. (Sounds blocked and onset of detoxification process)

* Onset of flue with sore throat, headache and cough 14th October 2013. (Detoxification)

* Slept all day 16th October 2013. (Healing)

* Nosebleeds 17th October – Etheric healing from Pam and Helen so I could travel the next day. (Fragility of capillaries indicate alignment of blood circulatory system to the new nervous system)

* Stopped all supplements and medication except Panadol on the 19th October 2013. (To allow the natural healing processes of body to take over)

* Right red eye and antibiotic eye drops from 20th to 26th October. My ears were painful on the flight from Paris to Dubai. (Fragility of capillaries indicate alignment of blood circulatory system to the new nervous system)

* Went to bed for 3 days after I shopped and made soup, and unpacked 3 days later. (Healing)

* Had first real meal on the 29th October 2013. (Healing)

* Huge bowel movements even though not eating much food 23rd to 29th October 2013 (Detoxification of energy work residue)

Supplements and cravings

* Krill x 1 and MSM x 2 until October 2013.

* Golden seal from 26th October to 7th November

* Panadol and Vicks Vapour Rub from 16th to 19th October and from 23rd October to 6th             November 2013.

* Stopped all medication 19th October 2013 and again on 8th November 2013

* Antibiotic eye drops from 20th to 26th October 2013

* Lemon and honey from 17th to 30th October 2013

* Orange juice and grapes from 7th to 10th November 2013.

* Chicken and beef soup from 23rd October to 8th November 2013

Chakra area activity

* Crown for 12 weeks. It was super active on the 21st August 2013

* Third eye 13th August and 2nd to 21st September 2013

* Throat 13th August and from 1st September to 8th November 2013

* Heart 29th September to 12th November 2013

* Solar plexus from 18th to 20th August and 22nd September to 23rd October 2013

* Sacral 20th to 21st September 2013

* Base from 27th to 28th August and 6th to 11th November 2013

The symptoms of this bug

* Sore throat and cough. (Throat chakra area activation)

* Red eyes. Eyes seen to have deteriorated.(Third eye activation)

* Stripped lining of sinuses, respiratory tract and eyes. (Preparation for new nervous system)

* Blocked ears (Third eye and change of note activation)

* Congested lungs and sinuses (Heart and head detoxification)

* Heart felt strained. (Heart alignment to new system)

* Ammonia tears and taste. The body chemistry feels compromised. (Christ energy active to          change chemistry to align with new system)

* Sleeping 12 to 16 hours a day. (Stillness for new download)

* Very dry. (Chemistry change)

* Several relapses (To detoxify the bodies and to create stillness in the system)

* Lost appetite, taste and smell. (Senses adjusting to the new system)

* Craved fresh fruit and soup and sunlight. (Acknowledging the need for physical light thru food and etheric food from the sun as the new nervous system is laid down)

* Joints stiff and sore. (A physical response to the laying down of the new nervous system)

* Internal fragility. (Sensitivity to new nerve endings)

Group symptoms

Itchy skin and scalp. (5th circulatory system and nervous systems reaction to crucible energy)

Dry eyes and weird eyesight, but no changes were observed in the eyes when viewed by eye doctor. (Third eye and crown activation and lying down of new synapses in the eyes)

Sore joints and body. (A physical response to the laying down of the new nervous system)

Falls and hurts on the right side (Stimulation of the right side to balance the spiritual energy with the material energy of the quantum universe)

Super tired and non functional. (Stillness for new download)

Champagne bubbles up thru the foot to the leg to the knee – radiating out towards calf. (Quantum pranic elements of the new nervous system beginning to move through the body)

Boundaries extinguished. (To make way for the new)

General public symptoms

All the above as well as -

Rashes on various areas of the body. (Sensitivity of the new nerve endings as the new nervous system comes on line.)

Dramatic changes in their lives such as moving house, deaths in family, relationship breakdown, and resurgence of cancer. (Related to the breakdown of boundaries and the new connection being created between the etheric system and the new nervous system)

There has been a major shift in the last six weeks. It has been a tough hard slog for everyone. (Created by the electrical impulses that are the first activity of the new nervous system)

Right side activations with only a few to the left side. (Stimulation of the right side to balance the spiritual energy with the material energy of the quantum universe)


Spin points and Pillar of Light.  J.J Hurtak, The Keys of Enoch.


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Marion Chitty

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