Fiber changes 2013, Iridology Updates

Iridology June 2013

2013 – The year of  alchemy

Val saw that the eye fibres continued to merge and were difficult to read.The etheric iridology in both eyes showed that the spin speed was still at 240,000 clockwise, strong and vital . The plateau of 240,000 was maintained the while the etheric pathways in the body shifted to support and accommodate the greater inflow and outflow of energy through the new “crucible” configuration. The lotus petals have disappeared. Your crown chakra is wide open to the universe. The energy is flowing strongly in both directions with no division or pause in the flow.

Val described the June 2013 iridology image as a crucible which has more relevance to the earth than the cosmos.

What is Crucible?

Crucible is defined in science as a vessel that does not melt easily. It is used for holding high temperature chemical reactions.

My research established that the physical body is the vessel in which the many forces of sound, light, consciousness and creativity meet to create alchemic change at all levels of consciousness. Over the last fourteen years we have seen the crucible of the physical body accommodate, integrate and alchemise the many forces from the planet and the universe that have bombarded it. We have felt and watched the effects of that alchemy.                     

June 2013 June 2013 iridology and Lumi image

The vessel of the awakened and united consciousness of  human biology does not “melt easily” when it is impacted by incoming cosmic forces. Flushes of heat through it have been an integral part of the ascension process. Heat flashes are an indicator of when alchemic transmutation within the crucible of the body at its most active.

In esoteric literature crucible defined as “…a severe test or place where different forces come together to create change”.

Val’s etheric iridology images over the last fourteen years show the alchemic effect on the crucible of the physical body as each new geometric pattern formed over the iris. They show that the alchemic changes were conditioned by the incoming light and sound, which created the geometric steps of the process. The images hint at the alchemic processes that stimulated the immune, nervous and circulatory systems to change their vibration to accommodate the inflow of forces from the planet and the universe. The cymatic patterns gradually embedded through the five layers of the iris to re-code the health programs of the body.

Layers of the irisThe layers of the iris

1. Healthy

2. Acute

3. Chronic

4. Degenerative


Val saw that the whole body maintained great stability, connectedness and continuity within the universe. The stomach is spinning clockwise and releasing upwards, creating massive detoxification in the upper body.

The solar plexus shifted to the thymus area and was moving up very strongly to merge with the throat chakra. The free wheeling chakras moved up the axis of white light to activate the throat as a more powerful creative centre. The etheric grid in the area of the throat had strengthened.

Words are becoming very powerful so be very aware of what you say and how you say it. Use the voice to send the cells of the body a plan of that which you would like them to do. Maintain balance by ensuring that the cells on the left side of the body are in harmony and agreement with the cells on the right side of the body, and that all the organs and glands are included in the healing and rejuvenation process.

The crustal structure still had eight facets, indicating that the ability of the vessel of the physical body to be the crucible maintained its ability to make alchemic changes to it

The combination of the heart/thymus is activating immune strength to the universe. The strong movement of the solar plexus to the thymus and its merger with the throat chakra, has established  continuity of communication with the universe through your heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras You are strengthening the immune system of the universe of your body and of the greater universe.

Val saw that the base chakra/pelvis was now the “crucible” enabling ovum/birthing to Earth.

My research established that the position of the crucible over the hip and base chakra region coincides with the esoteric configuration of the chalice. The crucible/chalice configuration indicates that you are birthing a new level of the prana (The Breath of Life) to anchor the highest fields of consciousness available to you at this time in your DNA, the planet and the cosmos.

The “cup” formation over the hips and base chakra area is also the symbol of the chalice which holds the feminine energy of creativity that works with physical matter.

The human “crucible” or “chalice” is the embodiment of spirit working through matter.

Embodied physically as male or female, when you become the chalice, you turn on your ability to work consciously with the forces of light, sound and the intelligence of your biology to spiritualise the matter of your body – the true meaning of alchemy.

The cup of the Chalice is the crucible that holds the feminine, Life force principle of Source. It gives you access to the chaotic creative forces of the quantum universe. The dodecahedron position of the body in the February and April 2013 iridology images indicate that you are preparing to hold a new level of the creative Life force in your body.

 February and April 2013 iridology images

The Fig 5 Lumi image above shows that the arms have lowered from the dodecahedron position. The hands have joined above the hips to create the new electromagnetic circuitry of the eight faceted, crucible/chalice.

Fig 1 shows that the electromagnetic circuitry of the six, faceted crystal was broken in February 2013 when the arms were raised in the highest form of the Vetruvian Man image. A new level of Life Force was about to be downloaded.

Fig 2 shows that the arms lowered in April 2013 to form the cross, the symbol of unified vertical and horizontal creativity needed to re-establish the electromagnetic circuitry of spiritual and physical creativity.

In Fig 3 the hands have reformed as a circuit at the top of the crucible configuration. Your body has become the crucible in which the concentrated forces of the spiritual realms cause change and development. You are erasing the codes of the miasms that affect your body mind and spirit, and the body of the planet and the cosmos.

NB - A miasm shows as fragile tissue on the iris; as weak tissue in a certain area of the body.

You are using your strengthened Life Force to explore the many higher talents and skills which are now available to you.  Your voice and words are the connection to that universe as you voice your intent. The Chalice energy of your physical biology is your connection to the quantum levels of the Holy Spirit universe. The quantum universe is a null zone where you make can make alchemic changes to your physical body without dying.

Val saw that there was great stability and connectedness with the Earth and the cosmos while establishing the new “crucible/chalice configuration.  The focus of energy was through the crucible. The stability brought a continuity of vibration and consciousness within the universe of your body and within the greater universe as you re-birthed yourself .

Standard iridology

Val stated that I was a very healthy person right now.

There were no stress rings evident in the eyes.

There is no infection apparent.

The activation in the body is absolutely symmetrical

There is no sensitivity at the knees and feet.

In this iridology the following esoteric principles were activated

  • Your lower chakras freewheeled up your rainbow axis to reside at your throat chakra.
  • You established the circuitry of the new pattern of the crucible/chalice.
  • Your physical body became the crucible for the alchemic process of spiritualising matter.
  • You brought creative order to the chaos of the quantum universe.
  • Your detoxification process continued to clear the old debris.
  • You birthed and anchored a new level of the Life Force in your DNA, the planet and cosmos.

The symptoms of this activation were as follows:

My symptoms:

Great and intense creativity as we created movie, amid renovations

Car house and computer electric systems crashed. (Synaptic readjustment of the nervous system to the higher light and the new pattern)

Sore throat, hay fever accompanied by strange floaty, fading feelings. Massive detoxification in the head. Ears blocked from 29th May to 9th June. (Further adjustments to the three higher chakra areas to accommodate the new pattern.3rd eye, throat and sacral response to the total flow of light – information through the body)

I felt like crying for one day with deep feelings of grief. (Letting go of old patterns)

I felt my cells and atoms charge with hot flash and felt very cold from the inside out. (Massive activation and synaptic readjustment of the nervous system to the higher light and the new crucible pattern)

A full body hum and very, very high ring for whole 6 weeks. (Accommodation of new note of crucible configuration)

Liquid in wax ears for all 6 weeks

Craving for  Oranges and orange juice for one month

                        Cheese for the whole 6 weeks.

                        Lemon juice and honey for four days

Chakras       Crown – for six weeks.

Crown and Base – in  April, and June 2013.

Crown and heart – for four days at end of April 2013.

Crown, 3rd eye and throat – nine days in early June 2013 ( lots of stating what I want and the Ah ha bug)

Group Soul symptoms

Experienced chaos in the systems of their house, work and lives. Electrical and computer system failures. (Synaptic readjustment of the nervous system to the higher light and the new pattern)

Balance returning through and after chaos episodes. (Buddhic balance maintained)

Relationship chaos handled with balance. (Buddhic balance maintained)

Falls and woozy feelings. (An adjustment of balance between the old and new pattern.)

Flue like symptoms, particularly in the head and throat. (Detoxification associated with higher chakra activity as the pattern changes again)

Weird eyesight, headaches and neck pressure (The spinal and brain axis of white light connection adjusting to the new pattern)

Weeping. (Part of the detoxification process through the feeling body).

Tapped huge creative energy. (3rd eye, throat and sacral  response to the total flow of light – information through the body)

Hot and cold surges have returned and feeling intense cold from inside out. Bright red and very hot hands and feet. (Crystalline body upgrade activity)

Dry and flaky skin (5th circulatory system activity)

Feeling the energy change through the senses. (New, higher vibration of sensory perception)

Surges of good energy, then absolute tiredness. (Adjustment to the 240,000 spin and plateau)

Activations down the right (male) side of the body. (Spiritual self activity)               

General public activation

High sinus, ears and throat activations. (Crown, 3rd eye and throat chakras.)

Dry skin. (5th  circulatory system activity).

Genealogical – Pelvic, pregnancies and hysterectomies. (Sacral area, faultline response to the in pouring energy of the crucible)

Activity in the hips, lower back, knees and feet. (Base chakra and sacral merge to accommodate the new crucible’s dynamic energy)

Handling the chaos around them by expecting the unexpected. (Heart and solar plexus chakra merge)


The Scribe

Marion Chitty

The Scribe