Fiber changes 2013, Iridology Updates

Iridology December 2013

2013  – the year of alchemy and the human crucible


The eye fibres have merged. Val is not picking up individual fibres anymore.

Spin speed now 250,000 kmh and strong – In the last four weeks you have accelerated your spin speed from 240,000 to 251,000. You have held the 240,000 spin for 12 months while your physical body became the Crucible in which the planetary energy and forces (active energies) were used to create your new nervous system.

The format of Michelle Johnston’s dimensional body chart on the next page indicates that as you approach and breach the next veil to access more of your bodies of light and knowledge, you may feel the impact of the increased vibrations of the next levels. The chart shows that the soul group is not only breaching the veils, but they are also at-one-ing the Trinity sets of the dimensions as well as the bodies of light that resonate to each dimension [1] .

Michelle's Chart

The charts show how the focus of the soul group widens the tear in each of the veils of inhibiting forces that would hold humanity back from raising their vibration further. The cascade of light from the planet shows that another of the veils of the planet and cosmos is about to be breached, as have those between the base and crown chakras of the human body. Bailey says that New Humanity will have the ability to recognize the difference between the various veils. [2]

The 15 Dimensional Universe

Consciousness of the changes to the sense apparatus of the body through the new nervous system will enhance the ability to recognize the differences between the vibration and the effect of passing through the veils will have on the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

An upgraded nervous system is required to withstand the vibration of the higher bodies of light and consciousness that exist beyond each veil that humanity approaches. The new nervous system will help each individual to maintain balance and stability as they begin to access the more refined portions of their galactic selves and continue to accelerate their spin in the ascension process.

Marion iridology 2 December 20138 faceted crystalline structure stable and open – The December 2013 iridology image shows that the eight sided crystalline structure is still open at both ends, to facilitate the creative activity of the Holy Spirit universe, at the quantum level in the physical body. Bailey says [3] that the crystallization is evidence of the activity of the foundation energy of the, the Holy Spirit, the third aspect of the Trinity self.

That energy manifests through the organs of assimilation and elimination. Perhaps this is why the skin, the digestive and the elimination systems are working so well in a natural process of detoxification and renewal. The body was prepared by this energy to assist the efficient sparking of the new nervous system.

The third aspect works with the quantum field. It energizes the flow of energy from the planet and releases the harmonics which vitalize and build the atomic structures of the body. The flow of golden electrical sparks is energizing the synaptic connection between the nerve endings. They are also enhancing the connection between the planetary etheric web, the human etheric web, and the cosmic etheric web through the spin points on the skin. The sparkling energy is an indicator that we are connected to everything in creation, large or small. Activated a s a conduit between the planet and the cosmos, every human is a transmitter and transformer of energies. The December 2013 iridology image shows that the crystalline body of light is joining the light within the physical structure so that you can respond to the prompting of your co-creator level. [4]

Kryon says that,

“…the crystalline structure is the memory of your life force.” [5]

The group’s crystalline structure is open at both ends; therefore it includes the memory of the life force that was left in the planet and in the cosmos in the past. We are liberating those energies now to rebuild the nervous system. We are using divine intent to focus the planetary and cosmic  forces to build the nervous system to the perfect blueprint. In the process we are raising our vibration as well as the vibration of the planet and the cosmos.

Crucible stable, electrical impulses activated through heart chakra – T6 to 8 thru third eye activation. It is your divine will-intent to continue the process of transfiguration which balances the electrical phenomena that is flowing through and around your body. McClure says that.

“ The electrical particles make us less solid. They symbolize the electrical quality of energy itself and bring us into the etheric state. The completion of electricity will only be present when the body of light becomes a part of the earth in the New Age.” [6]

You are following your usual cyclic format and your heart pulse as the attractive propellant to draw up the cascade of light which flows through your third eye to the outside of your body, to stimulate the spin points on the skin and connect you to everything. The iridology images show that the nervous system activated in the following way.

Fig 1 – By August 2013, the bowl of the crucible-chalice formed in the sacral-base chakra areas of the body. The stem formed through the crust of the planet and was beginning to push its way through to the Earth’s mantle.

Fig 2 – By October 2013, The elemental soul sparks liberated from the planet ascended from the mantle and crust through the stem. They collected in the bowl of the chalice to be used to form the new, physical nervous system, which aligned with the etheric structure of the Nadis that underlie and energize it. Iridology ImagesFig 3 – By November 2013 the movement of light through the body had changed dramatically. The electrical sparks had moved out of the bowl of the chalice, to stimulate the nervous system in a chaotic way throughout the body, before the synapse connection stabilized. The nerve tissue was reconfiguring itself in response to Monadic control. This phase of the process was experienced as inner fragility as well as fragility at the nerve endings, in the eye tissue, the skin and the capillaries.

Fig 4 - By December 2013 the sparks had aligned along the spine.  After the shift in Thoracic 6 to 8 the sparks cascaded through the third eye to the outside of the body. to include and touch all the spin points.

golden-cascadeHuge golden cascade of electrical impulses through third eye touching all skin surfaces from spine to third eye outwards – The December 2013, Lumi image shows the further stimulation of the 5th circulatory system of light from the outside of the body to match the new vibration of 250,000. The Monadic, spiritual aspect of self now has a direct line of communication with the nervous system through the spine. The cascade of light is in the process of engaging a new level of Oneness with everything through your body. Your body is the connection between the planetary etheric web, your personal etheric web and the cosmic etheric web

See – The technology of the 5th circulatory system of light.

The formation of the new nerve plexus was observed etherically by Rebecca while working with Jacinta. Rebecca’s three diagrams show the development of the new nerve plexus in the solar plexus-heart area, the power centre of the body.

Fig 5 – Bill’s December 2013 image shows how the pulsing wave like vibration radiated out from the spine between the sacral and the heart areas, including the solar plexus. The nerve plexus in the head, throat and sacral-base areas are in a different stage of formation. The central column of light is wide to transmit the flow of light along the spine and send it out to stimulate the spin points of the 5th circulatory system from inside the body.

Fig 6 – Bill’s January 2014 image shows the pulsing, wave energy has concentrated in the solar plexus area. The plexus in the head, throat and sacral-base have also concentrated their energy further, to radiate out along the new nerve pathways. In Bill’s image, the points of the overlapping diamonds along the spine are focused in the head, heart, and the faultline area of the prostate-base, triggering the new nerve plexus activity in the major faultline of his body. The points are needed to focus the incoming energies from the planet and the cosmos.

Fig 5, 6, 7

Fig 7 - Marion’s January 2014 image shows that the nerve plexus of the solar plexus area is completely formed and active. The points of the overlapping diamonds along the spine focused the inflowing energy to the heart, and to the faultline of the hip and knee for regeneration. Rebecca saw that a gap void had formed over the right knee in which an anticlockwise spin was reforming and repairing the knee. The function of the void is to, either, allow for a guide change, and/or, release old stuff to allow for renewal and regeneration. The void achieves this by changing the spin orientation of the area from a balancing to a healing process, or, from a healing to a balancing process.

ToroidHelen McCarthy’s information tells us that connecting toroid formations around the hips, solar plexus a heart-throat were converting the nerve plexus in those areas from “…one voltage to another” as the vibration continued to rise.  The toroids were again doing there job of stabilising the electromagnetic fields as they adjusted the sparking of the new nerve plexus of the throat-heart, solar plexus and base chakra areas. Helen said,

“The toroid converts one voltage to another. The toroid maintained the transmission of electrical information through the electromagnetic field that surrounded it. This protection directed an inward flow towards the body, so that every cell could receive some information as the toroid unfolded from the hips to the torso. It is a vital stage in the full generation of the body. Physics uses the same stabilizing toroid when conveying electrical transmission between moving fields. You and the body have a spin speed ratio which increases each time Your DNA takes on new information.”

See – Helen McCarthy full download of information, 23rd February 2014

We used toroid configurations several times during the last 15 years to bring two moving fields together and stimulate the areas of the DNA that resonated with them. Sandy Youssef’s, Spirit Vision Drawing in July 2002 shows the activation of toroids around the electromagnetic field of the body. At that time the individuals in the soul group were beginning to stimulate the extraterrestrial portions of their DNA. The were starting the process of combining the sound and colour of the chakra areas of the unified personality, soul and spirit in a 7 x 3 x 7 configuration.

July 2002 iridology image by Val Allen






See – Iridology 2002 to 2003

In July 2002, There was huge activity in the head and brain, just as there is in December 2014, showing us that these processes are cyclical.  In 2002, the energy of the spiritual aspect of self flowed downwards through the diamond gland area of the brain, the heart and the hip to the planet to connect with the personality. The flow of energy through the body connected with and stimulated the spirit spark at the heart of each atomic structure in the body, as spirit descended into matter. It was the first time that we saw the energy move outside the iris and the eye.

The eye fibres were very smooth.

The collective symptoms of the July 2002 activation were: nausea, headaches, wavy imagery, new holographic shapes and colours that pulse with huge vitality, hormonal and bone activity, an unstoppable flow of pure love that circled and flowed from the heart to everyone, and time seemed to disappear.

The July 2002 activation is the reverse of what was seen in the December 2013 iridology image. The December 2013 iridology image showed the planetary elements of electrical matter flowing upwards through the body as matter ascended into spirit.

The upward movement of matter towards spirit stimulated the transmutation of the sense apparatus of the nervous system to match the incoming energy of the new levels of the Trinity self. The downward movement of energy created transformation by energizing the creative, conscious and spiritual life of the whole human through the transfigured nervous system. The flame at the head and the feet represents the fires of the personality and the Monad-spirit combining to achieve liberation from the material form. [7]

During further research I discovered the following connections between spirit, soul and matter, and between the etheric system of light, the nervous system and the bloodstream’s relationship to the atomic structures of the body. The following seven systems are the

“…interlinking and interlocking symbols of a great cosmic process.” [8]

which Val Allen’s iridology images and Sandy Youssef’s Spirit Vision Drawings have been recording since 1999, and Rebecca Dawson’s Energy Drawings since 2012.

1. The energy that flows into the body to the chakras is differentiated into forces (energy in action). The forces flows out from the chakras, along the Nadis to “enliven” the various parts of the body with the life force of spirit. As each chakra is stimulated, the petals gradually open to unfold the new levels of consciousness to be experienced. When all the petals of the chakras are opened, the “spark” of the spiritual, life principle at the heart of the chakra is revealed. Life and Consciousness become as on in that area. When all the petals of all the chakras are open, The Oneness of Life and Consciousness is expanded into infinite levels of expression beyond the one higher self.

2. The etheric body is the great symbol of the soul in humanity, and our attachment to time and space. It is the blueprint on which the physical body is built and maintained. It is composed of light plexus known as chakras, and of channels of communicating energy that underlie every part of the physical body. The seven major chakras are connected to each other. They are connected to all of the 21 and 49 chakra areas of the body, and to all the etheric fibres throughout the body known as Nadis. The whole etheric system is part of that which science calls The Field. [9] Man’s etheric body, the etheric body of the planet and the etheric body of the cosmos are inextricably linked as One when all the chakras are functioning as One.[10]

3. The spirit-cosmic connection with the etheric body was dramatically emphasized in 2000 when the 5th circulatory system of light connected the human, planetary and cosmic etheric webs connected through the spin points on the skin. As the seven chakras were opened and aligned, the combined energy of the conscious personality-soul built the Antakarana of light between the base and the crown chakras. That enabled the energy of the seven rays to enter the body and be transmitted as forces by the chakras to the various areas of the body. The spin points of the 5th circulatory system of light receive the energy from the Oneself. They combine the colour and sound of prana to realign the blood, lymph, endocrine and nervous systems to the Divine blueprint of the Adam Kadmon body.

The [11] Soul-Human connection with the etheric body was expressed in 2008 as a new etheric grid that responded to the blueprint of the Adam Kadmon. At that time the new 5th circulatory system of light carried the energy of the Oneself to the spin points which emitted the sound needed to create a grid for the renewed evolution of mankind. The grid formed the pattern for the new nervous and blood systems, and for the renewal of the body.

The [12] Holy Spirit-planetary connection with the etheric body was emphasized dramatically in the  2013-2014 iridology images of the Crucible-Chalice. The human body became the crucible-Chalice to hold the life force of the planet. So that every atom of the body could be vitalized and alchemic changes made to the physical nervous system by the quantum energy of the Holy Spirit universe.

4. The nadis are a system of denser etheric fibres and channels that underlie each type of nerve, and every nerve plexus of the nervous system. The nadis determine the nature and quality of the nervous system. As the petals of consciousness the chakras unfolded, the Nadis of the etheric web which underlies the sense apparatus of the nervous system, transfigured to carry the full vibrational harmonics of the chakras.

5. The nervous system is the physical counterpart or externalization of the etheric body. It carries the flow of consciousness of the soul-spirit to every part of the human body when it distributes the ray forces to the glands from the chakra centres. The nervous system is the fusion of light with living substance which produces consciousness. The thread of spiritual consciousness is located in the brain. The various levels of consciousness are latent in the petals of the chakras. As the petals unfold they upgrade consciousness in the human. That stimulates an increase in an inner sensitivity to the spirit-Monad self so the nervous changes to accommodate the various attributes and vibrations of consciousness that are released from each petal.

6. The endocrine-glandular system releases hormones. When the intent of the human, soul-spirit and nadis-nerves are united as one , the hormones work perfectly because they are vitalized by the forces of both Life and Consciousness. All the systems of the body respond to the intent of the human because the vitality and consciousness of the body systems increase as the consciousness of the human increases.

7. When all the chakras are open and unified the transfigured blood system, carries in the hormones from the endocrine system, the combined living energy of Life and Consciousness to all parts of the body.. The stream of the Life principle for the individual human is brought in through the head to touch the “point of Life” at the heart of the heart chakra. It works through the heart utilizing the blood stream, to energize and hold in coherency, the integrated physical, emotional and mental bodies.

When all seven systems are aligned and unified in their process and responding to the divine intent of the human, you have the divine manifestation of spiritual man in any incarnation at any point of evolution.

Standard iridology

The energy is almost 100% - The vitality fluctuates for a time as each wave of change impacts the body.

The immune system is strong – The immune system has maintained its strength during the stabilization of the nervous system.

In this iridology you activated the following esoteric principles

You accelerated your spin from 240,000 to 250,000 to align the dual, positive and negative elements of your etheric body and nervous system.

You are cyclically using toroids and the sacred geometry of tri-pryamidal structures again to stabilize the electromagnetic field of your body, and to focus the forces onto the faultlines of the body.

You created new synaptic responses in your nervous system using the forces that moved from the mantle, through the Crucible and head to the outside of your physical body.

You have brought the nervous system under the control of the spiritual self which results in a purified blood stream.

You have blended the three fires of matter, the soul, and the electricity of spirit naturally and without force, in the true spirit of the evolutionary process.

You have unified the seven systems of the body to activate a great cosmic process in your body.

Main events and overall feeling for 5 weeks

Cravings for
Orange juice, watermelon, pineapple juice and nuts – 13th November to 17th December.
Chakra area activity
Crown, third eye and heart – 13th November to 5th December.Crown, third eye, throat, heart and base – 13th November to 5th December.
Collagenics x 2, CFS-comp x 30 drops – 13th November to 13th December.Krill x 1 – 13th November to 17th December.

My activation

Sleeping long hours – 10 to 16 hours. (Sleep supports the healing process without the interference of the mind set.)

Spent a lot of time in the garden and enjoying the peace of it and my connection to the soil. (This reinforces the connection with the quantum universe of the Holy Spirit from which level the healing starts.)

Finger healed quickly but still very sensitive at tip. (A fast healing response to the alchemic process in the crucible of the body.)

Enjoying spending time with people but tired after being with them. (This is a natural response to the difference in vibration when the acceleration of spin starts again.)

New battery for car. 17th November 2013. (An indicator of the re-sparking of the synapses of the nervous system.)

Fell and hurt toe on right foot. 24th November 2013. (Grounding new vibration of 250,000.)

Car windscreen replaced. 25th November 2013.  (Indicator of new vision that comes with a new level of consciousness.)

Renovations finally finished. 26th November 2013.  (External reorganization complete in line with internal reorganization.)

Change to honeycomb pattern I see,  29th November 2013. (Seeing a change in the codes as new areas of the DNA are stimulated.)

Back out T6-8 from the 6th to 13th December 2013. (Realignment of spinal channels to the   push the flow of sparks as a cascade through the head.)

Quiet and serene most of time, although initial shock and surprise at Bill’s diagnosis, then peace and positivity after a cry and plan of action. (Buddhic body mind-set took over very quickly after initial human reaction.)

Enjoying creativity and being home. (The peace and stillness of contentment.)

Soul Group activation

Electrical and computer system failures. (Synaptic adjustment of nervous system to the higher light vibration and new pattern.)

Many choosing to make major renovations in there homes and life.

Disorientation. (Body, mind and spirit adjustment of balance between old and new pattern.)

Vision fading in and out. Weird eyesight, headaches and neck pressure. (The spinal and brain axis adjusting to the new pattern.)

Balance issues such as falls and woozy feelings. (Due to changes and adjustments to the new spin pattern.)

Flue like symptoms, particularly in the head and throat. (Detoxification associated with higher chakra area activity as the pattern changes again.)

Weeping. (Part of the detoxification process through the feeling body and adjustment to the new nervous system. Also grief and joy for the liberation of the sparks of self from the planet.)

Hot and cold surges have returned. Feeling intense cold from the inside out. Bright red and hot hands and feet. (Crystalline body upgrade through the activity of the Holy Spirit universe of the quantum field.)

Dry and flaky skin. (5th circulatory system of light adjustment and activity.)

Feeling the energy changes. Feeling of the energy moving up the legs and thru the body.(A sign of the new and higher vibration of sensory perception.)

Activations on the left side (female) of the body. (New programs are created through the left side and sustained by the right side of the body.)

Sense of enjoyment and peace with life. (A sign of the higher Buddhic awareness at the vibration of the new nervous system that records no stress rings in the iris of the eyes.)

General public activation

They experienced electrical incidents and failures. (Synaptic readjustment of the nervous system to the higher light and new pattern.)

Short fuse regarding their emotions. (The feeling body’s response to the chaotic synaptic response while forming the new nervous system.)

Heat issues; affected by continuing heat wave. (While the nervous system is forming the body has little tolerance for the changes in temperature and in the orderliness of everyday life.)

Business life chaotic – major problems, missing items, no invoices, physical deliveries. (The physical chaos associated with changing formats )

The Scribe

Marion Chitty

The Scribe

December 2013 ©


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