Fiber changes 2013, Iridology Updates

Iridology August 2013

2013 – The year of  alchemy

The eye fibres are still merging. The whole body is working in harmony as one unit. The strongest reading of the eye fibres is the area of the connection of the stem of the Chalice/crucible from the knees to the Earth. The colour and appearance of the iris has changed dramatically whether the eyes are brown or blue.

Aug 2013The August 2013 etheric iridology in both eyes showed that the spin speed was still at 240,000 clockwise, stable and strong. The Group Soul maintained the 240,000 plateau to anchor the attributes of the Crucible/Chalice format into the crystalline structure of the planet so that Earth becomes the crucible in which the kingdoms in nature are alchemized.

The stem of the Crucible extends into Earth’s crust and is locked into its “granite” bedrock from the knees down. As a result of this, the lower back area has stabilized creating a shift in the pelvic area during another tweak to the faultline of your body. The faultline areas of the hips, knees and feet should improve in the next months due to the nature of the energy that is flowing through the body, and the strong and stable connection to the Earth and the cosmos.

June August LumiThe June and August Lumi 2013 images show how the crucible energy engaged and embedded in the planet over 12 weeks.  Both images show the stem of the crucible/chalice extended outside the periphery of the iris.

The August 2013 image has the body embedded in the granite crust of the planet from the knees down.  The strong, embedded connection to the planet enhances your ability to focus, control and create with the chaotic elements of the quantum universe. You are the focussed point of Divine light at the centre of the chaos of your quantum universe, choosing the elements you will use to create and regenerate using your imagination, and your spoken intent.

The various attributes of the crystalline body and grid have surfaced many times at many different vibrations, through the fourteen year process of conscious ascension.  My guides have shown me that the qualities and attributes of the crystalline structures of the body are upgraded during the steady increase in the vibration. The qualities and attributes of granite are totally in line with the quality and attributes of the eight faceted crystal and with the energy of the crucible and chalice

My research has established that the properties of granite help with the grounding of the crucible/chalice because of its conglomerate nature. It is made up of the elements of Quartz, Feldspar, Biotite and Horneblende. [1]

GraniteGranite forms the crust of continents. It is “…the truly permanent, most self sustaining feature of the Earth’s surface.  The continental crust varies from 1 to 80 kilometres thick.

Granite’s energy is that of transition between various physical states and between various states of consciousness. 

Aligned with your eight faceted crucible self, granite helps you to make the alchemical transitions much more easily. The embedding of your body up to your knees in the granite crust of the Earth has stabilised the base and sacral chakra areas of your body and the flow of energy along the chakra column. [2] It has helped you to ground the of crucible/chalice consciousness of alchemy in the crust of the planet so that the kingdoms in nature can also have easy transitions to the new states of consciousness that resonate to the 240,000 and beyond for them.

 I wonder what changes we will see in the animal, vegetable, mineral and human kingdoms in nature?

The Quartz elements of granite strengthen your physical body, which is the crucible in which the marriage between spirit and matter has occurred in this early stage of the Aquarian Age. Quartz amplifies and aligns the all minerals, crystals and gemstones of your body so that they resonate to the 240,000 vibration of the crucible/chalice. Because it is the most programmable of all minerals it assists all of the other minerals to raise their vibration to match the new 240,000 vibration of your body and the planet.

Since you have become the eight faceted quartz funnel for the flow of galactic and planetary forces through your body, you have stimulated and amplified the energy fields of your body by strengthening the rainbow bridge axis along your spine. In the process the quartz structures of your body balanced and unified the all the major and minor chakras to create one unified chakra.  The combination of your eight facets, and the attributes of granite and its quartz, feldspar, biotite, hornblende blend, grounded the information and energy of the stars in the crystalline grid of your body. That grounding unlocked additional memory in the DNA, of your ability to create with spiritual and physical matter at the quantum levels of the quantum field of the Holy Spirit universe.

FelsparThe Feldspar elements of granite enhance your ability to see the bigger picture, which makes it easier for you to choose and accept the alchemic changes to your body, mind and spirit. This iridology reading showed that the throat and third eye were balanced, and activity in the sacral and base area and the endocrine system.

Feldspar helps to balance the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems during alchemic changes to the body, because even the chemistry and the sense systems of the body are effected when the there are changes in geometric formats, light, sound, colour and vibration. Feldspar helps you to let go of the old and find the new. You may experience unexplained feelings of grief during these changes, which are associated with guide loss at one vibration, and guide gain at a new vibration. This is happening so fast now it is hard to keep track.

BiotiteThe Biotite elements of granite help your physical body crucible to balance and align the energy of the head chakras, while your soul grounds your spiritual grid firmly into the hard crust of the planet. As the crust of the planet degrades it carries the element Biotite into the mantle, clarifying the waters of the planet, just as it clarifies the water in the cells of your body.

See: Trish Ellis and Gloria Knight, Biotite article

Biotite strengthens your crystalline grid connection to those aspects of your higher self which are yet to be revealed to you as you continue to raise your vibration. It stabilises the grid connection between the eyes and the third eye so that you develop the ability to see clearly the visible and invisible realms.

HorneblendeThe Horneblende elements of granite support your ability to recognise both sides of your nature. The sense of hearing is enhanced by Horneblende so that the atomic elements and DNA respond to your spoken intent to heal, and to the notes of each vibration as they are sounded through your body. Horneblende boosts the heart, thymus and throat meld to push the immune system into more refined activity.

It establishes resonance and communication between the crystalline sheath and the DNA to release information to heal cellular disorders.

Each of the elements of granite has specific physical and etheric properties that enhance the qualities of the eight faceted funnel and the crucible/chalice. Biotite resonates to the number 8 and stabilizes the crystalline grid connection between the cosmos, the planet and the DNA.

Lumi DNA and 3 gridsThe funnel of the 8 facet crystalline structure is still wide open at both ends. It has a strong and dynamic crystalline grid connection to the universe and the planet. Light-information from the Earth and the cosmos flows in both directions through it. The crystalline grid of your DNA is now firmly connected to the crystalline grid of the planet and of the cosmos.

The Third eye, eye, throat, Cervical 1, and Medulla Oblongata connection is locked in solidly. The quartz and feldspar energy strengthened the nervous system and the “rainbow bridge” [3] connection between the Medulla Oblongata and Cervical one of the spine. Your ability to span the abyss to create with the physical and spiritual elements of matter has been enhanced by your strong and stable third eye, eye, and throat connection. Horneblende stabilized the third eye and locked in its spiritual connection with the DNA through the crystalline sheath that surrounds it. The crystalline connection enhanced your ability to focus and use the elements of the quantum universe to build creatively.

Standard iridology

Your immunity strength has been boosted by Horneblende so that your immune strength is being transferred to the Earth and the cosmos, enabling all elements the of creation to step up their immune vibration.

There are no circulation issues, and no stress rings. Your whole body is working in harmony as one unit.

In this iridology you activated the following esoteric principles

You have maintained the plateau spin speed of 240,000 to embed the knowledge of your ability to make profound changes into the granite foundation of the continental areas of the planet.

You have extended the rainbow bridge axis of light into the granite crust of the planet.

Your immune system has increased its effectiveness and extended its influence to the Earth and the its kingdoms in nature, and to the cosmos and its kingdoms.

You have realigned the mineral kingdom of the planet to the 240,000 vibration and stimulated it into alchemic activity.

The symptoms of this activation were as follows:

My symptoms

Worked with Helen to create movie, The Science of Inner Change, between 12th  – 28th June 2013. Exhausted, wired and backache (All creative centres of third eye, throat and sacral on high function to still and focus the energy of the quantum universe)

Worked on website all through July 2013 (I slowly came to enjoy the process as I became more proficient and reviewed the 14 years of the process)

Renovation of house continued. (I’m handling the chaos of creation and renovation in a calm and “Buddhic” balanced way most of the time)

Worked in the garden (Base chakra on the earth 30th June to anchor “crucible” energy)

Flooded the bathroom 1st July 2013 (Female creative energy grounded in house)

The format of the webs and codes that I see changed and became more intense in activity, format and colour.  The violet ray is very pronounced. (Third eye inner vision adjustment)

Weird eye sight on and off over the 6 weeks. (Third eye chakra and etheric vision adjustment)

Felt icy cold and hot flashes on and off over the 6 weeks. (Crystalline body adjustment and superfluid activation).

Hot hands and feet and very cold feet in middle of July 2013. (Crystalline body adjustment and superfluid activation).

Good and steady energy levels for the six weeks. (Body working with intent as a hologram)

Hip and sciatic pain, and right knee sore. (Related to anchoring crucible energy)

Ankle sore and bruised from 20th July – 12th August 2013 (Related to anchoring crucible energy)

A full body hum for whole 6 weeks.

Very, very high ring in ears for whole of 6 weeks. It changed to a higher pitch on the 15th June 2013 and again on the 10th August 2013 to very low then very high. (Note change associated with the solid anchoring of the crucible into the Earth)

Chakra activity          Crown – 12th to 17th June 2013
Crown and base – 18th June to 12th July 2013

Crown, third eye and base chakra 13th July to 12th August 2013

Liquid ear wax for all 6 weeks (Third eye charka activity and tweaking the hearing sense)

Sweet smell from body (Associated with a sacral activation and physical creativity)

Tingling and singing in the cells and atoms (Body working with intent as a hologram)

Gardening and painting 31st July to 8th August 2013 (Grounding energy and format)

Group Soul symptoms

High expectations (Sensing the advent of the new energy format and creativity)
Surges of good energy (An offshoot of the immune system efficiency)
Hot and cold flashes. (Crystalline body adjustment to grounding of crucible)
Headaches (Third eye charka activity and tweaking the hearing sense)
Flue type symptoms (Third eye charka activity and detoxification)
Big changes happening (Using quantum universe to create)
Major disruptions to their lives handled with equanimity (Maintaining the balance of Buddhic consciousness through major upheavals)

General public symptoms

Circulation issues. (Readjustment of the 5th circulatory system of light to grounding the crucible format).
Hip and lower back issues. (Related to the activation and grounding of the crucible energy)
Eye activation, such as dry and sore eyes, and flashes at the sides of eyes. (Third eye, crown chakra and inner sight adjustments)
Ear, nose and throat activity, such as phlegm, sore throat and flue like symptoms. (Related to the throat and third eye merger to bring creativity into higher vibration)
Feet problems. (Related to the activation and grounding of the crucible energy)
Stronger, and upgraded immune system. (Heart and thymus merge supports the super immune system as it adjusts to each new format)
Feeling more normal, back to normal functioning without the feeling of stepping off the edge (Buddhic consciousness now the default consciousness for every day life).


The Scribe

Marion Chitty

The Scribe


[1] Melody Love is in the Earth, Earth love Publishing House, Colorado 1993 pp 79, 161, 176 & 140

[2] Gurudas. Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Vol. 2, Cassandra Press, San Rafael, Ca. 1989. pp 110-111

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