Fiber changes 2013, Iridology Updates

Iridology April 2013

2013 – The year of  alchemy

Fibre merge – The eye function is better and the nerve and blood supply to the ears and eyes has improved. There should soon be an improvement in sight. The eye fibres are less defined.  The new energy pattern has embedded through all of the layers of the iris.

Marion's  iridology  AprilThe clockwise and strong spin speed is holding steady at 240,000 while the eight faceted crystalline structure dissolves its pointed end to create a wide open funnel to the Earth. There is a strong energy flow to and from universe through the Funnel of the body. The lower points of the crystals disappeared a month ago.

The disappearance of the point of the crystal was associated with the fluttery feeling experienced at that time. You are strong and stable with no wobbles. You have opened the bottom of your eight faceted crystal to prevent the entrapment of your spirit in matter.

Marion's Lumi Iridology AprilThe arms have lowered to the 9 and 3 o’clock positions, to resemble a telegraph pole. The shoulders determine the width of the energy column and the position of feet. The arms extend outside column.

There is great activity at 3rd eye and solar plexus. The solar plexus and heart have united and balanced their energies.

The shifts in energy vary in each person’s body according to the activity in the faultline. As the lower point of the crystal opened into a funnel, some Souls shifted their energy from the waist down (digestive faultline; others from the hips down; (hip and sacral faultline) and yet others from the feet down. (Regeneration of the feet). Some Souls detoxified through the skin, others through the feet and so on. The extremities of the hands and the feet were very hot.

Standard Iridology

The vitality marker on the eye had risen slightly from 80% to 90%.  There was a dramatic increase in stamina and strength with better energy.

There was more flexibility in the hips, joints and feet, because the tissues around them were loosening, enabling more activity.

Cervical 1, Cervical 2 and the Medulla Oblongata were very active while the axis of white light stabilized its connection between the brain and spinal column, to withstand the intense force of the energies that were flowing freely through the funnel of the body. The strong activity at Cervical 1, Cervical 2 and the Medulla Oblongata indicated a tweak in the connection between the spinal cord and the brain to upgrade the brain cells, the neural pathways, and the nervous systems to the new circuitry.

The body systems worked very harmoniously as one unit, which caused a singing and tingling in the cells.

There were no stress rings.

Val said that we were starting to look complete, physically and etherically.

Val saw that healing was occurring at an unprecedented rate.

My research established that the telegraph pole configuration †, is a symbol of the horizontal and vertical communication between spirit and the quantum universe of matter. The break in the electromagnetic circuitry of the body prepared the way for the next geometric pattern to establish its circuitry. The dodecahedron circuitry will electrify and vitalize the Soul spark at the heart of each atomic structure of the body into rejuvenate.[1] The Spirit and Personality selves worked together in Divine harmony to open the end of the funnel to establish the new circuitry. That cooperation was strengthened physically by the combined and balanced and united activity of the power and love centers of the solar plexus and heart chakras.Apr 2013                    Dodecahedron Lumi                                               Funnel Lumi                                  Vertical and horizontal aerial

In this iridology the following esoteric principles were activated

The lower point of the crystal had disappeared. The physical body became the channel through which the forces flowed freely between the Earth and the cosmos.

The Divine will was stimulated to flow through the inner petals of the Soul’s heart petals in the head chakra.

The electromagnetic circuitry was disengaged to stabilize the dodecahedron geometry which gave access to the quantum universe.

Focused intent stilled the chaos of the quantum universe and organized its elements into practical creativity.     

The symptoms of this activation were as follows:

My symptoms:

I craved Green smoothies until February 2013. (Body needing specific nutrients)

I was isolated until new car arrived in March (To hold the energy and make the changes)

Renovations are still happening.  

I flooded the laundry. (Goddess and quantum universe creativity)

The electrics blew out at the back of the house and kitchen in February. (Circuit change to electrical body and synaptic readjustment of the nervous system to the higher light and the new pattern))

Exhaustion and the dust was getting to me in February. (Emotional body response to changes)

Energy levels high most of the time. (Full body cooperation)

Running very hot, the body was sweaty and smelly since February. (Changes to crystalline structure and detoxification February)

Family death in February

Broke toe on right foot March 2013. Infected thumb March. ((Shatter event to move into new configuration and changes to circuitry)

Family stuff March (Buddhic response maintained during changes)

Car wouldn’t start, sold it on the March (Time to let go of old and celebrate the new)

Many insect bites, itchy and dry skin March (5th Circulatory system response to changes in crystalline body)

Started the process of preparing Lumi images for Canada. Very intense between April and May when we delivered them to Mitch.(Pure inspired creativity using the free flow of energy )

Seeing new codes and orbs falling through the web funnels accompanied by a cellular tingle. (Open channel for the light information)

Cells and atoms tingling and singing, still fluttery and dancing March (The atomic body’s response to the new note and the free flow of energy through the body)

Feeling cold in March, then hot and cold feelings later (5th Circulatory system response to changes in crystalline body)

Sun burnt feeling on skin several times in March and April (5th Circulatory system response to changes in crystalline body)

Sneezing, fluttery, internal feeling, sense of waiting and not being here March (The energy shift  to the funnel configuration not quite grounded yet)

Extremely high ring and shift in tone (Embedding the new note of the funnel)

Quietly excited by Mitch’s images – he got into my head March (Buddhic body response to intense creativity)

Very hot and bright red hands and feet for 6 weeks (crystalline body super fluid activation)

 I felt a full body hum and cellular tingle for the whole 6 weeks.

Very, very high ring for whole of 6 weeks It changed in pitch on the 18th February 2013 (Body’s response to the new note that took out the point and created your body as the funnel)

Liquid wax ears for all 6 weeks

Crown chakra for 6 weeks

SCF, Vitamin D February 2013

Group activation

Collapse, fainting, balance issues, dizziness, headaches and brain, weird eyesight.

(Crown and third eye chakra activity while the funnel of the body was created)

Flue type symptoms (As above)

Blonde days (As above)

Bright red and hot hands and feet. (crystalline body super fluid activation)

Feeling the energy changes

Enjoying isolation (To hold the energy and make the changes)

Stomach and faultline activations (Solar plexus heart merge combining power and love)

Surges of good energy then absolute tiredness

Strange illness and symptoms (Associated with clearing miasms from body)

Cervical 1 activity ( to upgrade and strengthen the connection of the circuitry between brain and spinal cord)

Activations down the right side of the body. (Spiritual control over matter using Intent/Divine will)

Big changes in relationships and life style. (Time to let go of old and celebrate the new)

Torn muscles, broken bones (Shatter event used to move into new configuration)

General public activation

Big shift from the hips down – knees, feet, and cellulitis. (Anchoring the structure change from pointed crystal to funnel)

Enjoying isolation (To hold the energy and make the changes)

Solar plexus changes – things beginning to work properly such as, irritable bowel, constipation, good changes in gastric. (Associated with healing fault lines and clearing miasms from body)

Ears, vertigo, Cervical 1, headaches.(Third eye and crown chakra activity and nervous system upgrade)

Emotional and mental shifts in relationships, with more harmonious resolution, better sorting and reorientation. (Buddhic body response to issues)

It has been a smoother, calmer energy pattern in the last month with gentler shifts. 


The Scribe

Marion Chitty

The Scribe



[1] Drumvalo Melchezidek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Vol 1, Light Technology Publishing, Flagstaff, AZ. pp 161