The Science of Inner Change

Concept by Marion Chitty, Helen McCarthy and Val Allen ©2013

Animation by Mitch Black

An Explanation

What is the Science of Inner change?

It is the Science of Light as it moves through your body. The process of Ascension is invisible; therefore it is an Inner Change.

Light is Divine Source Intelligence. The full light spectrum is the major coder of the body.

Watch the geometric patterns as they overlay each other to change the invisible foundation of your body.

Light carries information. It holds codes. It is information that sends new signals to the cells of the body. The body uses this information to restore lost health and gain super health.

Your invisible body creates new pathways, when you switch on the upper chakras. You have seven major chakras. Chakras spiral specific colour information into your body. They are the power points of your Electromagnetic light body, that distribute colour information in seven rainbow hues.

Watch what happens as the chakras break loose and freewheel up and down your spine. The chakras merge together when it is time to do that.

Pulses of light may appear and disappear with each new download of colour information.

Your intent to work with the intelligence of your biology switches on your pineal gland. It merges with your pituitary to become a diamond shaped. It becomes the major transmission centre for sending the new light codes into your cells.

Each new light program unfolds a new bio-chemical process. Your DNA has been waiting for your decision to download the new light program; to unwind new chemical processes in your body. It is another step towards becoming a new type of human.

All functions of the body synchronise with the heart pulse, which is the pulse of the soul. The heart pulse sends Electromagnetic signals to the DNA in your cells. Your reactivated thymus reprograms your immune system, to greater health.  The diamond shaped micro-processor in your head is a prism of light that introduces new colour spectra and information to your cells.

The glands of the endocrine system adopt the new program, and bring the full light spectrum into all the working parts of the body. When your cells receive their new instructions from your master glands, the invisible axis of your rainbow body widens outward from your spine. You convey Light signals into the body at a faster rate.

A White Light Moment upgrades with a new colour spectrum, with symptoms of discomfort as you renew yourself over three days.

Your skin has become the organ of light transmission, which circulates light between Divine Source Intelligence and the intelligence of your cells. The skins circulatory system spins light into the ‘fault lines ‘of your body to make repairs, utilising the regenerative ability of Light. Regeneration is not comfortable.

You become Pillar of Light, with no chakras spinning at all.

Your six pointed star program turns on the silica crystals in your skin to the electromagnetic pattern of regeneration. Your old cells are shed as physical, mental and emotional detoxification occurs.

A new pattern of seven horizontal and vertical vortices and pulses form inside you, and expand beyond your skin to connect you to other parts of the cosmos.

The acceleration of the vibration of your cells is a continuous process. This is Ascension.

Your blueprint changed without you dying. In the past rebirth was required to implement a new blueprint.

New programs come after White Light events; always.

You sent the Earth and the Cosmos an SMS, as arrows of Light Information, letting them know that your dormant DNA program is active. You changed your biology into one Field of Consciousness.

Another program inserted and a new light spectrum stimulated your feminine and masculine creative aspects to merge through exciting your cells with heat.  Your body responded and pulsed as One Pulse to a faster speed.

Three higher aspects of your Soul joined you and combined their frequency, upgrading the old you from dial-up speed to broadband, upgrading your ability to regenerate and rejuvenate your body.

You became the transmitter and receiver capable of communicating with all aspects of your past and future which merged as your new aspect of Soul came on line.

While downloading your new Soul team of three, your life force disconnected from the planet to dissolve the underlying patterns which were of a slower vibration. Your new circulatory system of light, disconnected at the skin, to internalise your communication with your cells. Your third Eye used its prism to break up the colours, sending them to where they were needed to heal and repair. You detached and separated from your own history.

The positioning of the Pulse points on your Tree of Life, showed your individual path as you walked through it to experience and acknowledge the opposites of your nature. You recognised the middle path of non duality.

The next White Light moment downloaded the Diamond Program to override the program that was already there.

The circulatory system of light became very active again to download the unique purple and magenta hues of your spectrum into the cells, at the nano level. That reprogrammed you to compassion, non judgement, Universal and self love.

The number of arrows around the body increased to support your physical body while its cellular structure absorbed the full diamond pattern.

Another White Light moment introduced three nuance of golden light through the prism of the third eye, to weave new electromagnetic grids for you, the Earth and its inhabitants. The arrows of light multiplied to stabilise and support you and your biology, during the process of weaving the grids into conjoined pyramids known as octahedrons.

It was a fractal incident, when you offer the Earth that which is happening to your own body.

Your DNA read the new body template and followed your instructions to rebuild your body to the diamond blueprint. Organs, glands, and cells sped up to produce a new body, unlike the one you had before. The new body was built from the inside out.

The arrows of light increased in number, and moved in to touch the skin, making direct contact with the cells.

Massive detoxification occurred as you reversed the spin of your cells, several times. You became a master of the reversal process because you had used it several times to clear out the old programs that you chose to delete during the various stages of the process of Inner Change.

Creating new grids is the newest technology available to you. As a grid master you are a builder of the new consciousness paradigm on Planet Earth. You have joined your light with that of many other lightworkers across the planet, for the task requires many builders.

Each arrow of light absorbed and reflected your own unique colour spectrum. Use used 180 arrows of light to reform your light body once more after you shattered the old pattern.

And here we go again!

A Platinum Program replaced the golden program enabling you to access the pure love and comfort of the next level of Self.

From the shattered fragments of the old, a new program emerged – as three diamonds spun on your silver axis.

A column of clear light formed around the axis, and a clockwise vortex formed at the crown chakra. A vortex of platinum light widened your central column and you became a Pillar of Light. The vortex moved over the body to anchor antimatter light into the planet as fuel to feed the new gridwork which you recently created.

You focused the platinum light onto the areas of your body where your fault line appeared. The repair process was a triangle pattern unique to you.

You have renewed, regenerated and revitalised yourself and the Earth, using the Science of Inner Change.

Your heart acted as the capacitor which drove the engine of your body into the new rhythm, spinning the cells and atoms of your body into massive acceleration. The increased speed spread out the network of light grids, to re-work the electromagnetic patterns on the Earth’s surface.

This triggered a deceleration of speed and created a plateau as you joined your light with others to speed up the process.

You widened and extended the influence of your Pillar of Light well beyond the iris of your eyes and your body, to flood the planet and the cosmos, with the frequency of the 144,000 cycles per second. You were in a plateau for nine months while you experienced the Buddhic state of consciousness known as Nirvana.

You stayed in that relaxed state until others joined you vibrationally; to add mass and potency to the inner changes that were changing you, the planet, and the cosmos.

A White light episode changed your Pillar of Light to a six sided crystal, pointed at both ends. Massive compaction of your body occurred as mind, body and spirit united to change your geometric structure. It hurt!

Another Soul Set of three is downloaded and compressed into your cells. Expansion occurred and created another ‘shatter event’ to break the circuitry of your six sided crystalline form.

This shatter event enabled you to become an eight sided crystalline form, with its point grounded strongly into the Earth, and open at the crown. In your Buddhic state of peacefulness you began to open your Thousand Petalled Lotus to the cosmos.

Your spirit anchored in your body and your body flooded with spirit.

The process does not stop while you reside on earth, and continue to give intent to download each new soul program one after the other! What’s next!

Happy regenerating with love, light, fun and laughter…

Helen and Marion