The technology of the Holy Spirit – Shekinah

In the ascension process the first baptism is completed when the human reconnects with Soul, with the third creative energy of the Holy Spirit and with the quantum universe.

DoveAt the baptism of Jesus the dove[1] of the Holy Spirit descended on him. The dove symbolized his ability to work with the quantum universe of the Holy Spirit and the inner levels of creation, to manipulate matter into “miracles”. He showed us how the hidden mysteries become spiritual technologies.

He opened the gate to the New Age known as the Age of the Holy Spirit or Shekinah, which transforms the molecular structures of creation with the assistance of the seventh ray.

See: The Technology of the Seventh Ray

seventh-rayHumanity has moved more fully into the Age of the Holy Spirit. Conscious humans are unlocking the secrets of the quantum universe and manipulating light-matter into “miracles”. They are beginning to use the hidden mysteries as spiritual technologies in their everyday lives.

The Shekinah energy uses sound to manipulate the patterns of light in the inner bodies of light of humans to eliminate the fault lines that drive the karmic process. The Holy Spirit/Shekinah regeneration process changes extreme distortions in the crystalline and physical bodies of light-matter. It transforms the molecular structure and the basic building blocks when all of the inner bodies of light and dimensions associated with chakra areas of the body are brought into a unified vibration and activity.


Merkabah works with Shekinah/Holy Spirit to evolve any life form. (Hurtak, 1977:344:29)[2]

See Hurtak: Keys 301, 315 and 317.

Key 317 refers to the complete man on all levels being made and remade in the energy of the Shekinah.


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[1] The symbol of the Dove drawn by Sandy Youssef, 1999

[2] J. J. Hurtak The Keys of Enoch, The Academy for Future Science, Calif. 1987. Keys: 301,315 & 317